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Scope, mount base and quick-fill optional

The 5-shot air rifle for hunting!

The new HUNTING 5 embodies, like all STEYR air rifles, the benefits that are brought about through decades-long experience and manufacturing of highest quality compressed air weapons, using high end materials. The magazine allows five quick shots in aiming position and gives maximum safety, as the pellet is fired directly from the magazine. With a removed magazine, no diabolo remains in the breech. The HUNTING 5 function is the same system as the LGB1 Biathlon Rifle, which even in the midst of winter, gives robustness and extreme reliability.


5-fold STEYR quality:

  • Prellschlagfreies System
  • Bounce free system
  • Simple loading, pellet direct from the magazine
  • Maximum safety. No projectile/diabolo remains in the weapon after the magazine is removed
  • Additional external safety
  • 650 mm barrel for maximum performance and longer compressed air cylinder for higher capacity
  • Ergonomic thumb-hole stock made from nut wood
  • Several options:  Depending upon calibre (.177/.20/.22) available with an energy up to 40 joule


STEYR Hunting 5 - the trajectory:

schussbahn hunting5




  • total length: 1.020 mm
  • total height: 160 mm
  • calibre / length of barrel:
    4,5 mm (.177) / 650 mm (7,5 / 16 / 24 Joule)
    - 5,5 mm (.22) / 650 mm (16 / 24 / 40 Joule)
  • total weight: ca. 3.300 g
  • trigger: mechanical
  • trigger pull:  250 - 600 g