STEYR CH Hunting


The precision of a match rifle combined with hunting-ground experiences!

  • Bounce free system
  • Totally nickel-plated barrel and anodized aluminium parts against corrosion
  • In hunting-black prevents reflexion
  • Easily manageable danger zone in comparison to small caliber rifles
  • Perfect training weapon for hunting shooting
  • Infinitely adjustable ball-bearing STEYR precision trigger
  • Like all challenge rifles are available as right-hand or left-hand cocking
  • Safety first: cannot be fired unless bolt is fully closed



  • calibre: 4,5mm (.177) | 5,0mm (.20) | 5,5mm (.22)
  • total length: 1.030mm
  • total height: 170mm
  • length of barrel: 550mm
  • total weight: ca. 3490g
  • trigger: mechanical
  • trigger pull: 50-250g
  • Energy: 7,5/16/24 Joule | 16/24/35 Joule | 16/24/40 Joule

All STEYR Challenge models are available in 7 colours.