You can move the grip longitudinally, turn it and dislocate it laterally in order to find the optimum setting of the grip and the ideal position to pull the trigger. By turning the grip adjusting plate (4106060006) you can also adjust the angle of the grip.

Grips for all LG 110 and LG 100 (exept High Power) are available in:

  • Right: Large, Medium, Small
  • Left: Medium

410606000G-RL Grip right hand large BLACK
410606000G-RM Grip right hand medium BLACK
410606000G-RS Grip right hand small BLACK
410606000G-LM Grip left hand medium BLACK

Gewehrgriff Braun

Grip for STEYR Challenge

Right: Large, Medium, Small, Small-Long
Left: Medium

410506000G-RL Grip right large
410506000G-RM Grip right medium
410506000G-RS Griff right small
410506000G-RSL Grip right small long
410506000G-LM Grip left medium
410506000G-UNI Grip universal