STEYR Friends

Our plan is to use this area as a place for shooters' opinions and news - victories and successes, suggestions etc - but also links to websites of individuals who have tested our products and who would like to spread their news. We are sure you will understand that we cannot publish every email or letter in full as this would go beyond the capacity of this page.


"First official trophy with my new LP 10 E in Monza (Italy). 1st place P10 with 378 :-). Thank you Steyr Sportwaffen."  Enzo Cenci
"Congratulations Quintin W 1st Place J3 men's air rifle at USA's National Championships Fort Benning GA USA!!! First time out with his new STEYR LG110." David Wotring


mexican Alejandro Gonzalez Galvan: Mexican Steyr LG 110

"After buying an LG110 and loving it, I had to go and get an LP10 as well. Such a quality piece. Thrilled to bits with it. Thanks :-)" Michael Roberts
"I have all my best friends in STEYR Sportwaffen GmbH, I consider them the best people in Europe, also in the world..... I can never forget the old times that I have at the old factory....... I also love Ernsthofen.... a peaceful quiet town...... I hope one day I will visit the place again with lots of SNOW !!!" Clarence Tan
steyr's pistols are the best...i've use the lp10 since i started shooting" Zhafri Zamil, 18. Dezember 2009
"Lucky man. I just bought an LG110 so am now saving for an LP10. Unsure between an LP50 or an LP10 brobably go for the 10." Michael Roberts, 27. Januar
"Got one new in 2000. One of the most fun pistols I own! Have not had one problem with it either." Dave Baalman, 01. März