The history of STEYR SPORT

A long story of success cut short

The history of our business starts in the middle of the 19th century and is affected by great names, enjoying the world’s fame in the domain of weapons’ technology: Founder of the business and pioneer concerning weapons’ technology Josef Werndl, the weapons’-“engineers” Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher and Otto Schönauer - recognized experts, daunting for all shooters: Synonyms for technical innovation and highest quality.

Up to 2001, the sport weapons’ department was a section of Steyr Mannlicher. Then  due to  restructuring and privatization - a new business developed: STEYR SPORT GmbH.

New building 2006

In autumn 2006, the move into ultra-modern, new premises took place - with the very suitable address Olympiastraße 1.  A new milestone has been set in the history of our company. We had more than 200 guests celebrating with us on Friday, 13th of October 2006 at our Open House Party.