field target silber gerade

STEYR LG 110 FIELD TARGET Modell 2014 with silver compressed air cylinder

2 in 1 – the rifle for 2 Field-Target-categories!

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Highest precision plus adjustment within seconds are necessary to hit these far-away targets even under extreme conditions – that made our field target air rifle famous. You can reduce the energy from 16 Joule (category 1) to 7.5 Joule (category 3) by simply changing the transfer port – the impact energy stays the same, even without adjusting the velocity screw!



These differences are what give you more 10's:

  • New butt plate with quick adjustment
  • New: Redesigned loading area for better access
  • New: Shorter Housing - better usability under adverse conditions in open terrain
  • New Fore arm with better adjustment
  • Vibration-free system
  • Maintenance-free STEYR stabilizer eliminates recoil
  • Revolutionary lateral stock adjustment
  • Multidirectional adjustment of the grip
  • Single or two stage ball bearing trigger adjusted within seconds
  • Simple adjustment of the muzzle velocity without dismantling the rifle
  • Dry fire training shots without any  necessary tools
  • Totally nickel-plated barrel and anodized aluminium parts against corrosion
  • CONNECT: quick take down buttstock - in 97-cm-case
    for comfortable transport!


Advantage of the LG 110 model line-up

That´s why you shoot better with STEYR air rifles!

1. The maintenance-free stabilizer!

The STEYR stabilizer eliminates recoil like no other system worldwide! The patented STEYR stabilisator is totally maintenance-free and non-wearing in effectiveness and capacity.

2. Lateral stock adjustment - great!

As one of the technical highlights we equipped our LG 110 Match and Field Target-weapons with an adjustable lateral stock adjustment. This really allows you the positions you are most comfortable with.

3. Dry fire shots with no tools needed!

You can activate the dry firing device at anytime and without any necessary tools. Just leave the bolt open or even open it on an already loaded weapon - now you can dry fire. For maximum safety a shot is only possible, when the bolt is fully closed.

4. Multidirectional gip adjustment!

If the grip of a weapon does not fit perfectly, top results are simply impossible. That’s why the grips on all models of the LG 110 series (except HP) are just as you need them: three-dimensionally and multi-directionally adjustable – quickly and exactly!

5. Single / two stage ball bearing trigger!

Within seconds you can easily and comfortably adjust the second stage travel and -weight to your likings. Or if you prefer, with one single screw you convert to a single stage trigger. That’s pure innovation! That's what we call perfection!

6. Infinitely adjustable trimmer!

This unique STEYR trimmer on the butt plate allows steady body contact with its infinite adjustment possibilities, no matter how the stock is set. All that within seconds – a real STEYR!


ADVENTURE-Luftgewehr STEYR  LG 110 FIELD TARGET / FIELD TARGET Connect Modell 2014 schwarz mit silbernem Druckbehälter | STEYR SPORT GmbH

STEYR LG 110 FIELD TARGET with black compressed air cylinder



  • total length: 900 - 950 mm
  • total height:  170 - 230 mm
  • length of barrel: 450 mm
  • calibre: 4,5 mm (.177)
  • total weight: ca. 3.800 g
  • trigger: mechanical
  • trigger pull: 50 - 250 g
  • energy: 7,5 / 16 / 24 Joule